Amber is unique Nature creation. It has started it‘s formation about 45 millions years ago. Thanks for the depths of the earth and time. Amber Became a unique gemstone, That has healing and analgesic abilities. It has been formed from tree resigns and nowadays we call it Baltic Amber.







We family owned Amber manufacturing company , located in Kaunas, Lithuania. Our Story began about 10 Years ago when my father started working with Amber and from that time we mastered a Amber crafting art and now we can offer a wide range of Baltic amber teething necklaces and bracelets.





Our Company are  Making product from Raw amber stones, From the start till finished product. So you can be sure you will get a High quality item. In the pictures you can see few of manufacturing Steps.







  • Modern equipment allows minimizing amber losses, preserving all unique Amber properties and creating desired shapes and colors of Beads without any additives
  • Staff continuously improve knowledge and accumulate experience, so as to adapt to the unique needs of our customers.







We produce such jewelry that we are happy to wear for ourselves, so they are comfortable, durable and, above all, warm and made with love and care, as if for yourself.