Knotted Bracelet/Anklet Baby/Adult Baroque Beads


Amber Bracelets sizes chart

AGEBracelet length
3-6 Months4 inches 11 cm
6-12 months4.5 inches 12 cm
12-24 months5 inches  12-14 cm
2-4 years5.5 inches 14 cm
4-8 years6 inches 14-15cm

Common Adult size: 18 cm

Please note that this table is not a rule it’s just a help, sizes could vary

All Bracelets/Anklets are made from Natural Baltic Amber.



All necklaces are made from Natural Baltic Amber, This product is special, because each bead is formed from Raw amber piece, in order to get smooth shapes for your and your Children comfort and This type of beads is called baroque beads. These Bracelet/anklets are made by Lithuanian craftsman’s, Each bead is knotted separately by the hands for the safety of the children. So if one bead is crushed The remaining beads are safe and anklet don’t lose it’s form.


But it is very important to always supervise your children while necklace is on his neck.


Wear under clothing and with direct contact to the skin. Wash in warm water, no detergent. We suggest that you only use the necklace during the day. And remove at night and for unsupervised naps. Do not let your child chew on the necklace, it is short enough to make this tricky. But the resin may chip if this happens. Always supervise your child when wearing. Do not place in a sock near the child when sleeping. Amber only works in direct contact with the skin. Take the necklace / anklet bracelet off from around your child’s neck/Wrist when they are sleeping or unsupervised.  Keep the bracelet/anklet clean by simply washing it in soapy water. Do not use any chemicals to wash it.

According to EU Toy safety regulations EN-71-1 it is not a toy (not suitable for children under 36 months). Due to the small parts involved, we recommend it be worn by children 3 years and over. With full supervision by a parent or guardian.

Additional information

Additional information


1 Cherry – 1 Yolk, 1 Lemon – 1 Cherry, 1 Yolk – 2 Cognac, 3 Colors, 4 Colors, Cherry, Cognac, Honey, Lemon, Rainbow, Yolk, Yolk – Lemon – Cherry


11 cm, 12 cm, 13 cm, 14 cm, 15 cm, 16 cm, 17 cm, 18 cm, 19 cm, 20 cm, 21 cm, 22 cm, 23 cm, 24 cm, 25 cm