Catching Baltic amber
Common information

About Baltic Amber (What is Baltic Amber)

Baltic Amber is a type of fossilized resin that comes from trees. It comes in many different shapes and colors, and is quite known for being worn or eaten. The succinic acid that Baltic Amber has is known to have healing properties so it is often used as an analgesic medicine. The succinic acid easily absorbs into your skin and helps to relieve the pain that the person is experiencing.

People have had multiple uses for Baltic Amber for many centuries. Some of the other uses that people have for Baltic Amber is a pain remedy for arthritis and sooths the aches and pains that a teething baby has. You may have seen many toddlers wearing the Baltic Amber necklaces around their necks to help sooth their teething pain.

The overall immunity of the body is improved when the healing properties of Baltic Amber are absorbed into the blood stream. For a baby that is teething, the stimulants in the Amber allow the glands of the thyroid to aid in reducing drool as well as sooth areas of the gums that have become inflamed. Many Moms have recommended this method of soothing a baby’s gums to other Moms because it really works, plus it is a natural way to help a baby get through their teething phase.

Is anything else used in aiding Baltic Amber to work the way it does? No, Baltic Amber is able to work alone in its natural way of healing.

 Facts Summary of Baltic Amber

  • It is an analgesic that is natural for assisting in pain relief.
  • It’s not a stone, it is resin that is fossilized. Which makes it warm to touch and comfortable to wear.
  • Baltic Amber is also known as fashion Amber because it can be worn.
  • Wearing the Amber is very soothing and gives the wearer a calm sensation.
  • Wearing Amber not only gives you a warm feeling on your skin but oils are also released. The oil absorbs into your skin and into your bloodstream.
  • Baltic Amber is used as an allopathic medicine.
  • Local pharmacies sell amber necklaces in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. More cities around the world are beginning to sell this therapeutic Amber.

Amber Beads – How they work

Known to boost your immune system, Amber is known to associate with the sunlight and give warmth. The process of wounds being healed due to inflammation is sped up with using Baltic Amber. Those that experience infections of have respiratory issues can also benefit from the use of this natural Amber. The results of using Baltic Amber are simply none short of amazing. The teething method for babies started in Europe. Now people all over the world use Amber beads to help soothe their babies when they are going through that especially stressful phase.

Cleaning and care for your Amber Beads

Amber beads are easily cleaned using a damp cloth.

Baltic Amber has a tendency to be a bit brittle because it is generally aged. With that being said you should handle it with care and avoid dropping it on harder surfaces.

Another thing that you don’t want to do is keep your Baltic Amber stored away with other jewelry that you have, because the Amber could rub against it, ruining the quality and effectiveness of it.

Do not store your Baltic Amber near soaps, oils, perfumes, shampoo, or cleaning products. These will also alter the effects of your Baltic Amber.

Safety of wearing Baltic Amber

You are able to wear Baltic Amber in the shower or in a swimming pool; it’s completely safe to do so. It is said that getting the Amber wet while wearing it can even aid in speeding along the absorption process.

Many people who are new to purchasing the necklace beads for their babies wonder just how safe it is to wear them since they are tiny and may be a choking hazard. There is no need to worry about the beads falling off of the necklaces. The necklaces are created with a knot on each side of each bead to keep them from sliding off in any type of way. In this case it would be very unlikely that a child would choke on the necklace.

With this being said you still should always keep an eye on a young child that is wearing an Amber Baltic necklace to keep extra safety precautions.

Aside from its healing and soothing properties, Baltic Amber is also thought to bring those that make us of it or who wear it good luck.

The Effectiveness of Amber and Its Color

In its raw state is when Amber works its best. Whenever you look into purchasing Baltic Amber from a vendor or a personal seller, you should make sure that it has not been altered or treated in any type of way, shape or form. You can generally choose between Baltic Amber that is polish and Baltic Amber that is unpolished. Small glass beads tumbled inside a container is what is used for polishing the beads. It’s almost the same as using sandpaper. Even if you choose to purchase raw Amber, as you wear it over time it will become polished from your natural body oils. Polished or not it will still have the same effectiveness since it is still in its natural state.

How to tell if it is real or fake

There are some companies, online and offline who try to sell “Baltic Amber”, but it is not the real thing. You must be able to know how to tell the real thing apart from the fake stuff!

You may have seen Amber sold in gift shops that have bugs inside of them; like fossils. These are generally fake. The real thing you will generally find in small pieces on a necklace or a bracelet. So they will basically be the size of diamonds. They don’t really need to be big in order to be effective. You can test your Amber out to find out if it is real or fake. Here is what you do:

  • Prepare ¼ cup of salt and add 2 cups of water to the salt.
  • Mix the salt into the water.
  • Add your Amber.

Your Amber should float; if it does not then it is fake!

Make sure after you have tested your Amber that you rinse the salt water solution off of it with clean warm water so that it doesn’t cause any irritation to your skin.

Materials used to make fake Amber

You need to be made aware of the materials that are used in the place of real Baltic Amber to make fake Baltic Amber.

Polystyrene – Polystyrene is a material that can be made to look very much like the real thing. You can tell that it isn’t real though because the inclusions are very big in size. When they are larger than 10 millimeters they are fake. If it is ever heated then it will smell like plastic that has been burnt. Real Amber never smells like this if it is heated.

Copal – Copal is one of the most common substances used to make fake Baltic Amber. If Copal had enough time to process it will turn into Amber, but it has not reached its fossil state; the resin is too young to be considered Baltic Amber. Copal is what you find bugs inserted into; they are large pieces. The large pieces are one red flag to notate because real Amber will come in smaller pieces.

Glass – If fake Amber is made out of glass it won’t be hard to tell. It will be solid and cold when you touch it (real Amber is warm to the touch). Glass will be hard to scratch and it will not melt like real Amber when a flame is set to it.

Now that you know all you need to know about Baltic Amber, perhaps you are ready to purchase some for yourself.